Meet Tom Graham, Founder of Graham Real Estate

Meet Tom Graham, the driving force behind Graham Real Estate and a humble figure deeply rooted in the Harbor Springs community. In 1972, after completing college and serving in the military, Tom returned to his cherished hometown. With a passion for real estate and a profound love for Harbor Springs, he established Graham Real Estate, embarking on an inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Tom's warm sense of humor and ability to bring smiles to faces are traits he carries with humility. His genuine kindness, unwavering integrity, and approachable nature have earned him immense respect and admiration throughout town. Tom's reputation as a truly generous individual extends beyond his professional endeavors, as he selflessly contributes to the betterment of the community he holds dear.

Coming from a large and deeply connected family in Harbor Springs, Tom's roots in the area run deep. He laid the foundation of Graham Real Estate through hard work, starting from the ground up by personally knocking on doors and introducing himself to the community. Tom's dedication, perseverance, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in the agency's growth and success.

Tom inspires his team through his example. His innate charisma and remarkable intelligence guide Graham Real Estate's approach to the real estate industry, consistently ensuring exceptional service to clients. Tom's ability to connect with people, coupled with his profound knowledge of the local market, allows him to navigate complexities with ease, providing invaluable expertise to those he serves.


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